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I have become so settled in the concept of constant affirmation of Peace that I will probably just rest in the comfort of my increased self-image.  I find great happiness just meditating upon the silver blue aerial space.  The quality and the many embedded tributaries of art are your work.  Obviously, you work for the joy of working because you are free.

Rev. Marian Whiteman on the first sample of the PEACEFUL HOME Collection.

I am in Love! with The Conscious Collection.  I love the words on the products and the unique softness of the towels, sheets and pillowcases.  I travel all the time and I am now so addicted that I take the PEACEFUL SLEEP pillow cases with me.  Thank you for improving my life!

Writer/Producer/Director Del Shores

I love the fit and feel of the collection.  The messages embody the way I want to live my life, like wearing a daily affirmation. What a way to start my day.

Denise Glenn

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