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A Message From The Creator

Consciousness.. Awareness.. Peace..

Imagine a life committed to the realization that all is perfect, whole and complete. I try every day to live as though that were my true reality even when clearly it is not. I came to a realization that even though there are countless tools to be used in achieving such a powerful lifestyle, the simplest of words or phrases seemed to motivate me the most and more often than anything else. Much easier than picking up a lengthy book, a simple word or phrase can help to create your current and long term reality.

Body Mind Spirit Connected.. Be Extraordinary.. Amazing Grace and other simple, yet powerful words became much more than my personal mantras.  They became the very foundation of what has become a leading source for motivational and inspirational apparel.  Today, The Conscious Collection is a favorite among celebrated retailers, ministers, celebrities and countless others who choose to promote and celebrate the ideals of conscious, mindful living.

Committed to its conscious roots, the rapidly growing company continues to support American manufacturing using exclusively American-made materials and resources most of which are currently manufactured by California based American Apparel.

The company’s tag line “Lifting up and giving back” underscores it’s continuing commitment to the charitable giving. Visitors to the company’s web site can support various charitable organizations through links to their web sites regardless of their shopping intentions.  As simple as clicking on a button to provide a free mammogram, The Conscious Collection is committed to its innovative and expanding “Giving Back” programs.

Intent on expanding and developing its role in building a world of awareness, The Conscious Collection is committed to helping the young, the old and the ageless, world wide realize their own, ever expanding awareness of peace, joy, love, power and beauty.  By definition, the word conscious simply means being aware and I think this means being aware of and sensitive to your purpose, to each other, our planet and to your own spiritual path.  At The Conscious Collection we are committed to creating and producing quality, American-made products that celebrate and promote conscious, mindful and meaningful living.

in Light,

Trey Isenhower, President and Creator

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