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Yoga and Pilates


Recently I discovered  Bikram Yoga.  A friend from my Spiritual Center took me along as her guest and immediately I was hooked.  It is grueling, to say the least, but at the same time I know it is probably the most beneficial part of  my current regiment of  personal care and fitness.  The benefits include strength training, focus, balance and a heart rate equal to or better than any aerobic activity I can think of.  I had back surgery a couple of years ago and I am no longer able to run for any length of time or bounce around in a step aerobics class like I used to.  Bikram Yoga studios are heated during the  class to keep the body warm and muscles pliable to increase effectiveness and reduce the possibility of overdoing or injury.

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Another great addition to your health routine is Pilates.  I meet more and more people every day who are discovering this very effective method of exercise.  Pilates incorporates mind-body techniques and can greatly reduce mental stress while strengthening and conditioning the whole body.

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